The most beautiful software I made

Website that allows you to estimate the amount of the automobile tax on your future car or motorcycle, without knowing the license plate.

Personal Website

Made using HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Jquery.

Real Time Camera - State Examination 2015

This is a video surveillance system I designed and built in C #.

Its purpose is to receive and display in real time at any distance through the interface of a Client program, image streams, therefore videos, coming from different cameras connected to different computers (Server), independently from the present network infrastructure among them, be it a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet.

For more information about this project, you can consult its documentation DOCUMENTATION.

Licenza Creative Commons
This work is distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial - No Derivative Works 4.0 International.

AXI Reader - Internship at Alesys s.r.l.

It is a visualizer of images coming from a video surveillance system of a shopping center.

The program, through an engine called AXI Reader, deciphers a file (.axi) coming from a surveillance camera. This file contains within it data such as the nationality of the vehicle, the license plate, the image quality, the workstation, the date and time, which originate from a specific OCR program in its own right.
The program deciphers the file by recognizing and separating the various fields, so as to show them to the user through a special Form, accompanied by the relative image that is re-created in the form of Bitmap and subsequently displayed.